Shaindy Friedman lives in Palm Desert with her stellar husband (a rabbi), three very funny kids (9, 6, and 5) and 0 pets. Shaindy runs Sunshine Circle, an educational non-profit that connects teens and Holocaust Survivors and engages community members of every age into the fabric of Jewish experience. Born into a very large family replete with Jewish educators, authors and Rabbis, Shaindy's excitement for Judaism is practically genetic. Her launch into Jewish education began at around age 7 when she begged her mom to film her talking about guidelines for establishing a successful day camp (the Oscar nominated "Shaindy's Day Camp Guide"). Since then, Shaindy has travelled all over, taught many and learned from even more. She graduated from Machon Shoshanat Yerushalayim in Jerusalem in 2002 and hasn't ceased learning since. Shaindy will be teaching both Kita Bet and Aleph Scholars.




You can't help but love Chaya Denebeim, first time mom and new desert transplant fresh off the boat from New York. Chaya is a master educator, trained chef, food stylist and green thumb. Children and adults alike are drawn to Chaya's natural calm and warm personality, endless patience and creative energy. Chaya single-handedly established a thriving garden in her urban Brooklyn neighborhood, and provided educational workshops promoting healthy living to students of all ages. Chaya will be teaching Kita Aleph.